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Let's take a look back... Both the Oakdale Dam and the Oakdale Dam Inn have some very interesting grass roots history.

The Oakdale Dam construction began in September of 1924 and finished in November of 1925. Construction was completed by L.E. Meyers Co. out of Chicago. Lake Freeman, created by the Dam, is named after Dam engineer, Roger Freeman.

A crew of almost 250 men were hired to build the Oakdale. Because the project was so large the crew lived on site. They worked 7 days a week with a night shift to ensure speedy progress.

With such a large crew living on site, by proxy the area turned into a small city. Workers had access to a commissary, housing, and of course a mess hall which over time evolved into The Oakdale Dam Inn!

This great picture from the 70's gives you an idea of just how far the Inn has evolved. Click HERE to take a tour of the Oakdale Dam Inn as it is today!

(Images have been provided courtesy of the Carroll County Historical Museum. 
More information may be found on their website located at http://www.carrollcountymuseum.org/)

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